Locean Damour
by   Wigbert
GENRE : Tech House
2011-11-23   |   SV001   |   Sono Vivo
Release Notes
support by: Butch, Ivan Smagghe, Hugo. Bart Skils, Channel X, Dole & Kom, Claude Vonstroke, Axel Bartsch, Matt Star, Frank LeicherWhy another new label? Aren't there enough on the market? Approximately this some people may think while reading about "the new music label from Wigbert called Soo Vivo..." But it's not just another label! For Wigbert it's an impersonation of his emotions, feelings and the love to music.Letting the thoughts run and the belief that dreams become true. "Soo Vivo" means "Live your dream" and that's exactly what this new project is!Contemporaneously with his new label he also starts a new artist project which is called like his bourgeois name "Wigbert". So far he released as "Jon May" on labels like Tanzbar Musik, Evolved Records or May Recordings.Soo Vivo is for Wigbert a very special project and his personal mission was to produce the first release for the new imprint. (French) "Locean Damour" translated "Ocean of love" is the name of the first catalog number.The original is an interplay of many different sounds. Perhaps initially it is a little bit confusing but in the middle of the song it comes to the point. An impulsive melodic inset attended by rhythmical percussions and "crazy" vocal sounds complement this song. You can hear and feel the love in this production. When you turn the vinyl around the sound is going forward! On the one hand we have remixers like Pascal Feos & Frank Leicher and on the other hand we have a young talent named Remerc.The sound of the both Frankfurt guys (Pascal FEOS, Frank Leicher) is well-known since decades and they have success. Beside releases on their own labels: PV Records or levelNONzero, they also distributed on labels like OVUM Records, Cocoon Recordings or Hive Audio. It's so much fun to hear what they have finally done with Locean Damour. It's straight to the point with a groovy bass line and a "big" kick the song is going forward. Let's Dance! Groovy, punchy and percussive, that's characteristic for Remerc.The young, talented artist from Aachen demonstrates it. Since many years he nearly developed to a fixed part in the music business and released his tracks successfully on labels like: Trapez ltd, OFF Recordings oder auch Kiddaz FM. When you listen to Remercs' version of Locean Damour you will be fascinated. So there is nothing more to say...http://www.sonovivo.net
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