by   Villa Nah
GENRE : Electro
2010-04-05   |   LIFECD2   |   Sahko Recordings
Release Notes
Villa Nah are a new synth-pop duo from Helsinki whose enchanting songs are wowing fans all over the world. Juho Paalosmaa and Tomi Hyyppa's timeless take on romance, synthesisers and melancholy is proving hard to resist, and even before their stunning debut album "Orgin" is released, the pair have attracted attention in NME, Vice and DJ Magazine. Co-produced by acid-house guru Jori Hulkonnen, "Origin" is one of those rare records, much like The xx's recent "XX", that works as a whole album, seducing the listener, and which leaves you in no doubt that you're in the presence of a special group who are doing something fresh yet familiar. Not just a tremendous pop record, "Origin" is a work of real quality. From "Running On" to "Ways to Be" and "Remains of Love", each song on the album has its own character, and a lot of the appeal lies in Juho Paalosmaa's wistful vocal - a steamy, blue-eyed purr that arrives wrapped in dry ice. Imagine the essence of OMD, New Order and Depeche Mode distilled into one group, and you're close to the magic of Villa Nah. Villa Nah have quite a reputation as a live act, and have recently been getting a lot of exposure on national TV and radio. It is only a matter of time before everyone falls for Scandinavia's best-kept secret.
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