Tribe Suite / Seven Seconds
by   Verdo
GENRE : Disco
2011-12-14   |   DWDK014   |   Danny Was a Drag King
Release Notes
Verdo is latest DWDK signing and produces some lovely italian east-coast-disco vibes... let's keeps things secret for a while and just get confident with his music as you'll definetely hear more in the next months. Some feedback: Eric Duncan - SMOOOOTH>>> 5/5 Drop Out Orchestra - Very Nice chill out stuff, we might put this in a mix. The Project Club - Sweet Vibes. Lovely production Ajello - Perfect warm up tracks for smiling people! Severino (Horse Meat Disco) - This is lovely .. Bravo ! Diskjokke - beautiful tunes Photonz - Digging the vibe on these, for sure. Emotional and romantic vibes. Cosmonauts - Love this release guys-especially Seven Seconds-adding some much needed warmth to our day !
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