Desy Balmer Presents Beyond Belfast
GENRE : Techno, Funk
2012-05-14   |   NANO100   |   Nice & Nasty
Release Notes
Beyond Belfast is a collection of music that other artists made or remixed or was remixed by Desy Balmer for his label Nice & Nasty. Established in 1993, Nice & Nasty has been a platform for several key figures in the Irish scene some of whom are on this album. Nice & Nasty was born in Belfast. It had a gap year in Toronto and Florida before settling and growing up in Dublin. Local Artists like Chymera, Matador, Timmy Stewart, Robbie Nelson, Robbie Dunne, Derek Carr Jamie Behan, T-Polar, Mick Chillage, The Parallel, and Mark O'Sullivan have been among the fighting Irish to use Nice & Nasty as a springboard to bigger and better things. Detroit's Terrence Dixon, Rennie Foster, Orlando Voorn, Marco Bernardi, DJ Mourad, Erell Ranson, Claude Young, Itokim, Rob Gordon, Elliot Dodge, Manuel Perez, Kid Unknown, Matthew Bushwacka and Paul Mac have all contributed to Nice & Nasty's sound evolution from an international perspective - many of whom feature on this collection of tracks and it is their contribution and the original ethos and spirit of Nice & Nasty and music in general being a route beyond the confines of the normal. The music has been supported by Slam, Pete Tong, Santiago Salazar, Carl Cox, Laurent Garnier, Richie Hawtin, Dave Clarke, Nick Warren, Marcel Fengler, Brodinski, Josh Wink, Mr C, CJ Bolland, Billy Nasty, Graham Gold, Colin Dale, Anthony Shakir, Estroe, Dave Ellsemere, Detroit Techno Militia, Robert Q Ingram, Paul Corey, ROb Warner, Bleed, Mark E G, Mark Kavanagh, Mr Spring, Kirk Degorgio and Layo & Bushwacka! Beyond Belfast is a state of mind. It is not and was never purely about leaving Belfast. It represents a journey. It details a network of like minded people connected via a love of music and a desire to continue the journey, physically, mentally and/or spiritually. Beyond Belfast is about finding your sound. The first and only rule is you must be ready and willing to go beyond your comfort zone, you must take a trip. You decide what and where that trip is. The image is graffiti by Banksy along Belfast's Peace Wall and depicts a greener pasture the other side of the wall, beyond Belfast . . . Beyond Belfast features exclusive new music from Florian Muller and Dave Ingham, Unreleased mixes by Marco Bernardi, Chris beard & remlaB and Carlos Nilmmns, and classics from the vaults by Solab, The Parallel, Fabrice Lig, Claude younge, Chymera and Matador. To cut this long story short Desy Balmer grew up in Belfast amidst the back drop of the Troubles. Big deal, so did many others; however, music gave him a mental escape away from the fear, the hate and the division. Rave culture brought kids from both sides together to party. Music, Ecstasy, LSD and sweaty all night parties opened up a world, a life beyond the bombs, the guns and the death. Like Punk rock before, dance music, acid house or rave offered an alternative Ulster and began Desy's journey to create 'Beyond Belfast' his own personal musical journey that began in his home town and hasnt stopped yet. This album is the story so far. Enjoy For more info: http://www/ For bookings of Desy and/or Nice & Nasty contact: Gareth Whitehead at Jaw Music +44 16988327169 Email:
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