Captain Planet: Remixes & Remixed
GENRE : Broken Beat
2012-03-05   |   BJ020   |   Bastard Jazz Recordings
Release Notes
Captain Planet returns to Bastard Jazz after last fall'€™s debut album Cookin Gumbo with a treasure trove of remixes both by and for the slicing + dicing chef of global dancefloor delights! Kicking off the A-Side, Tummy Touch artists'€™ Los Chicarrons gets a nitrous-oxide injection as the Captain flips their tune '€œMa Do Nar'€ into bass-heavy Afro-Electro territory. Up next, Captain Planet applies the magic to Chip Wickham'€™s '€œHit & Run'€ '€" originally released as a 7'€ by Spanish label Lovemonk. Once a heavy instrumental Funk tune, the Captain grabs the churn and whips up a full-on flute-driven Broken Beat joint full of Latin percussion, Knight Rider guitar licks, building horns, and nasty synth squelches! On the flip, CP'€™s alter ego Chuck Wild takes on '€œGet You Some'€ from the album '€" sliding away from the Brazilian dancefloor vibes of the original, Chuck reconstructs the sultry vocals of Brit Lauren around a deep & funky Boogie beat for a primetime Disco floor-filler'€¦.lasers activate! Next up, BBE and Breakin'€™ Bread artist Chris Read fills in the gaps with his stripped down and chopped up remix of Captain Planet'€™s '€œSamba Radiante 2011'€ '€" letting the drums and percussion shine while the vocals delay out just right'€¦a great tune to ease into the later ends of the evening. Rounding out the vinyl is our remix contest winner Aphrololo who beat out the competition with their remix of '€œGet You Some'€. The Filipino / Austrian duo give us a head noddin'€™ boom-bap remix of the tune with deep Baritone sax getting right into the pocket next to Brit'€™s vocals. Touché! Additionally on the digital package are two of the '€œGet You Some'€ Remix Contest runners up that we just couldn'€™t say no to! Philadelphia native and Record Breakin'€™ alumn Lil'€™ Dave'€™s remix is a fantastic excursion into a deeper, electronic side of the Brazilian sound with an irresistible bassline, deep keys, and blurry percussion all in the mix. Lastly, Austria represents yet again in the form of a remix from the producer PD, who takes '€œGet You Some'€ into instantly catchy outerspace Disco-Dub territory in his bubbler of a remix that you can'€™t help but bounce to!
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