Getting Better
by   Utahs
GENRE : House, Drum & Bass / Jungle
2010-12-06   |   SUGBT002   |   Sugarbeat
Release Notes
Sugarbeat is back after the successful first release from new artist Santero. This time it’s the turn of the label head honchos Utahs to unleash a track. The Utahs are of course Utah Saints but have decided to do releases on the Sugarbeat label under the name Utahs to give them freedom to make more club orientated style bangers and battle weapons that are specifically aimed at the dancefloor rather than the top 10. Fear not though, the two projects will run side by side and the boys are currently hard at work on a new Utah Saints album. This first release under the new moniker sees them team up with Lost Prophets front man, dj and producer of L'Amour La Morgue â€" Ian Watkins who delivers an awesome vocal performance on the track. Having been roadtested by the Utahs themselves at recent shows the response has been amazing and looks set to move many a dancefloor. To back up the package there is a killer Drumsound and Bassline Smith remix that takes things on a Drum and Bass tip. Once again feedback from the select few dj’s that Tim and Jez have given it to on their travels has been phenomenal. All in all, another strong release from the fledgling label making it one to keep an eye on.
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