Black Flag
by   The Cutler
GENRE : Leftfield
2009-07-20   |   ST011   |   Steel Tiger Records
Release Notes
The Cutler return with their second release: a brand new EP that rails against the state of capitalist system and the grotesque failure of bankers. Featuring two top quality guest vocalists - Russell Morgan (Revolution) and Andrew Taylor (Pyramid Of Power). The EP also has two instrumentals, 'Weltschmerz' and 'Burn The Bankers' - difficult to categorise but certainly a lot fresher than the electronic tat pouring out of London. The Cutler is Steve Cobby (of Fila Brazillia, J*S*T*A*R*S, Heights of Abraham and co-founder of Steel Tiger) and Porky (the man behind Pork Recordings: a label intent on complete avoidance of buyer remorse). "Brennand and Cobby are solid technicians and the highlights abound. They are truly sharp in their wisdom and their collected minds are complementary on so many levels." Slackline Radio + Reviews for The Cutler debut album 'Cutler' [ST0010] - also on Steel Tiger "An album to be enjoyed horizontally, but rewards closer inspection. The brief interjections from the strings in Cinquedea, the sweetly sung Stiletto, for which we can thank Sarah John, and the woozy string sample that winds in and out of focus on Hacksaw - all bring understated pleasure." Ben Hogwood / musicOHM "We love this stuff!" Rusty Hodge / SomaFM "You can just tell that this kind of music must have been great to make. Creative beat with sly electronica developing the mood: layers that are truly catchy and addictive." Slackline Radio
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