GENRE : Deep house, Dub Step, Drum & Bass / Jungle, Neo-Soul, Soul, Reggae, Vocal/Easy Listening, A Cappella
2012-05-07   |   FAADA41SFH002EP01   |   Faada
Release Notes
Simple electronic soul exploration from Spoonface and new Egyptian artist Heba. 'THIS' captures the essence of Spoon's creativity and Heba's touching tones seasoned with meloncholy. Standout tracks are 'Flashback' receiving regluar rotations from stations like Rinse FM.  Neo-Soul lovers have reached for 'Harmony' and 'Sunny Daze' with reggae enthusiasts picking up on 'Just Be'. Spoon Plus Heba = THIS is inimitable, must have music.
Full length : 26:46 / 9 Tracks / 320Kbps MP3
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