We Attack At Dawn EP
by   Sonar Base
GENRE : Electro
2012-06-18   |   CE010   |   Cultivated Electronics
Release Notes
Cultivated Electronics moves into its 10th release and second of 2012 with an EP from long standing Dutch Electro pioneer Frank De Groodt under his Sonar Base alias. This is the 3rd landing from Sonar Base whose legendary first album Sonar Bases 1 - 4 was released on U Trax in 1995 before his second release Beyond Hoag's Object II on Daz Qualye's SCSI-AV Imprint 10 year's later in 2005. Frank started out on Djax records in 1994 with multiple releases as The Operator and Optic Crux before his more recent releases as Fastgraph on Klakson. We Attack Before Dawn EP gives a nod to the mid 90's Electro sound of Underground Resistance with 3 killer cuts from Sonar Base and a remix from CE label head Sync 24. This EP has gained strong support from several artist's and label's including - Dave Clarke, Radioactive Man, DMX Krew, Hardfloor, Morphology, Boris Divider, The Exaltics, E.R.P, Dexcorcist, 214, Billy Nasty, DeFeKt, Plant43, Luke Eargoggle, Perc, Frustrated Funk, Abstract Forms and many more.
Full length : 25:49 / 4 Tracks / 320Kbps MP3
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