Royalty Ep
by   Royalty
GENRE : HipHop / Rap, Electro-Funk
2011-03-14   |   FEP001DE   |   Five Easy Pieces
Release Notes
Royalty is the self-titled debut EP from London-based production duo Chesca and Elliott Yorke released on fledgling independent label, Five Easy Pieces. Hailing from Southern Italy Chesca has been a feature on the London boogie-funk circuit since her arrival in 2007. Before that she spent 4 years in LA where she made waves playing at The Low End Theory alongside Flying Lotus and releasing two EPs via Alphapup Records. She teams up Elliott Yorke, a London based producer of similar influence, aiming to explore the future soundscapes of modern electro boogie. Heavily influenced by the analogue synth-based musings of boogie funk and the new beat generation scene, the Royalty EP joins the two making a new contribution to the future funk sound championed by Stones Throw's Dam Funk and featuring artists such as Onra, Krystal Klear and AD Bourke. 'Twilight Fades' is a slow funk ballad, featured on Dam Funk's "The Future Sound of Modern Funk" mix for Mary Anne Hobb's show on Radio One. Its smooth spaced out chords progressions and deep purring baseline, were described to be 'mesmerising' by Rinse FM and Eglo label head Alex Nut. 'Royalty' is another elegant production, its soundscape reminiscent of a sunset drive in a vintage chromed out 1982 Mercedes by the sunny beaches of Southern Italy. The beauty of the track lies in its simplicity, with sweet chords punctuated by 80's reverberated toms and a groove with mad bounce. 'Heat Ray' is a more uptempo jam featuring gritty analogue synth pads with drums and a sweet vocal sample. Its lighthearted and fun but driving enough to heat up dancefloors whenever called upon. The final cut 'Don't Break Me' is probably the EP's most mature joint, exploring the Royalty's deeper side. More electro than funk this jam is also one for the dancefloor but is more introspective and spacey, a journey into Royalty's inner universe.
Full length : 24:08 / 5 Tracks / 320Kbps MP3
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