Soul Ideals
GENRE : Techno, Chill Out, Disco / Nu Disco
2012-02-27   |   NANO117   |   Nice & Nasty
Release Notes
As one half of the Chillage Idiots, Mick (with Paul) has been hosting the longest running ambient radio broadcast in Ireland and the only thing in Mick's life that he has done longer is BMX since 1984. Since 2000 Mick has been creating tones and beats and in 2007 he released his first EP on Herb recordings and over the past few years released various EPs and Three (3) albums on various labels such as Nice & Nasty, Psychonavigation ...txt, Red Robot, Dublin Xpress, This Side Music and FAX. Last years album on Pete Namlock's FAX label obviously being the pinnacle (so far) for Ireland's finest purveyor of ambient grooves and lush melodic techno. Soul Ideals perfectly describes Mick Chillage - deep, melodic, subtle funk, Ambient, Cognitive, Esoteric, versatile. Often described as beautiful Mick's music has a wide fan base that includes Pete Namlock, Thatboytim, Mixmaster Morris, Keith Downey, Tomi Chair, Nachklangmusik, Vikte, Ed Devane, Black Dog and many more. Here is what some people had to say about Soul Ideals: Lovely Remix. Dave Anderson remix is the one for me (Erell Ranson) Awesome remix (Lupen Crokan) Soundtrack Gold (Carlos Nilmmns aka Solab) Love the atmosphere (John Shima) Love this (Sam Birrell) Very cool (DJ Mourad) A great collection of mixes - from Aphex twin to deep, hard Detroit techno. This is right up my street (Desy Balmer) If you'd like more information on Mick the below websites are a great place to start. If you like to licence any of these tracks and/or book Mick for a live or DJ gig please contact Desy Balmer.
Full length : 41:17 / 6 Tracks / 320Kbps MP3
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