Starcharts Ep
by   Max Cole
GENRE : Downtempo
2006-06-19   |   WAHEP001   |   Wah Wah 45s
Release Notes
Max Cole comes correct with his second 12-inch release on Wah Wah 45s this spring. Following on from the Radio 1 nominated Record of the Year 2005 (Mo? High?) our boy wonder delivers four tracks of twisted soul, jazz, latin and fractured 'shrug step' flavours in anticipation of his imminent long-player 'Star Charts' (released on May 22nd). The album sampler kicks off with a tune that's been getting a lot of major airplay of late, 'Wallflowerin''. It's a down tempo delight fuelled by an infectious brass loop and brilliant vocal hook courtesy of those trademark Max Cole choir boy vocals. 'Who Got the Keys '' is a warm, mid-tempo shuffler with typically spaced out synths and a hypnotic, head nodding groove. On the flip, 'Ay Calor' receives its long awaited vinyl debut (having featured on the 'Underground Hits & Exclusive Bits? CD only compilation) and the instrumental broken beats of 'Silver Linings' round off this little taster of what Gilles Peterson is calling 'One of the albums of the year? to a tee. Wah Wah continue to their run of excellent form with this rather ear catching EP from broken jazz magician Max Cole. 'Wall Flowerin'' is an apologetic number, with slippery synths and keys that are careful where they step. Flashing keys, a squidgy bass and walking pace beats line up behind the yearning vocals on 'Who Got The Keys ''. Synthy goodness coats those fascinated vocals on 'Ay Calor', whilst a flute from the heavens lets rip on 'Silver Linings'. Jon Freer (Keep On) Max Cole can play various instruments and sing like an angel, but that's not all. 'Star Charts' gives a clear indication of Cole's talent as a beat programmer and his desire to stick out from the crowd. Cole's reliance on real instruments gives his music a raw quality, which is lacked by the work of airbrush conscious, computer relying producers. It is the unprocessed nature of this Broken Soul angled LP, which makes Max's compositions stand out from that of his contemporaries. 'Ay Calor' is all lurching beats, wah wahing bass work and bewitched vocals. 'Silver Linings' is more glorious summer weather than black cloud doom and gloom, as an astounding flute weaves its magical web around rustling percussion and unwell synths. Today's forward thinking jazz and soul fraternity should take note, there's a new kid on the block and he's got the talent to rise to the top? Jon Freer DJ Mag > SESONG > Love Untold > Wah Wah > 3/5 > Although the name may be new, the faces behind this soulful Norwegian trio > certainly have more than a little 'previous¹. Comprising of DJ Snorre Seim & > drummer Oyvind Jakobsen (who combine to make up remix specialists Butti 49) > and singer/songwriter Thomas Dybdahl (who records with members of The > National Bank and Jaga Jazzist) you kind of know the outcome is going to be > something special and that it is. Another life affirming soul-jazz gem from > camp Wah Wah. FS'
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