GENRE : Tech House
2012-06-21   |   MM16   |   Minoi Music
Release Notes
Hailala. Who knows what the word means literally, but it sounds ripe of a new season. Marcelo Cura and Jo Pendelio have captured the vibe of clothes gradually peeling away as we wake from hibernation, basking in fresh music. Marcelo and Jo, who have both defined the Minoi Music sound from its inception in 2009, have indulged in some effects experimentation for Spring. The core Hailala track is upbeat, daring and full of playful vigor. Jo, one of Minoi Music's founders, certainly beats to his own drummer and indeed the percussion's strong in these tech house tracks. Jo's taken his confident straightforward attitude to his "Trumpet Edit". Paring down the original track and making it more linear allows him to explore a crisp punchy sound that's clubby and fun. It's getting hotter and it's about time we all migrated to the Riviera.
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