Chubby Rain Ep
GENRE : Indie dance / Nu Disco
2011-10-28   |   SLOMO006   |   Slow Motion
Release Notes
We are pleased to present the latest addition to our Slow Motion family - Marcello Giordani. Disco overlord, laser cowboy and cosmic heartbreaker. 'Chubby Rain' takes you on a journey through inner space and outer dimensions where the infinity of the universe glows in neon-indigo and thoughts and feeling come and go like waves on a beach. With wandering arpeggios, washed out digital strings and distant vocals, there's just the right amount of strut in the precision-engineered beats to propel you through the night. 'Roma' brings us back closer to earth with a smattering of classic disco sounds reinterpreted for a parallel universe. Playful synths make us think of strange animals in distant galaxies, and inter-stellar adventuring with a happy ending. Flip the record over and Masimilliano Pagliara breaks 'Chubby Rain's epic journey in to smaller, sharper hops that retain the best parts of the original but adds extra rocket boosters to make for a more exciting ride. Finally Modus, the dirty, sexy robot cousin that we only talk about in hushed digital voices. She’s slow, sleazy and spilling oil out of every hole. Is that reggae she is listening to? Don't slip (words by Gareth Owen, Berlin, Sep 2011)
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