A Matter Of Struggle
GENRE : Dub, Reggae
2011-12-19   |   RGR015   |   Roots Garden Records
Release Notes
UK Reggae and Dub, acclaimed producer Nick Manasseh teams up with viola player Mike Pagulatos. Mike has his own distinctive and characteristic sound, be it improvisation, soaring melodies or complex harmonies.. Having traveled extensively, playing with Indian, Arabic, Israeli and European musicians, and trained at The Royal College of Music and Trinity College of Music in London, he merges all genres, playing classical, folk, contemporary to hip-hop! Mike has played with George Harrison, Ravi Shankar, Joe Brown, Tony Allen, Emiliana Torrini, Lou Rhodes, Patrick Watson and Damon Albarn amongst others. Track A: "A Matter of struggle" Manasseh delivers a deep dark and heavy digital style rhythm track. It's retro analogue style synth bass and drum sounds provide an unusually fitting backdrop to Mike's timeless string sound. Track B: "A Matter of Version" Manasseh strips the rhythm track back unleashing a deep atmospheric Dub version.
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