The Latin Edition
GENRE : Jazz, Latin & World Jazz
2011-12-12   |   IMAGDIG022   |   Imagenes
Release Notes
"MY BARRIO" - LOS CHARLY'S ORCHESTRA - LATIN EDITION.Nuyorican Disco Band, Los Charly's Orchestra has put together this very especial edition of Boogaloo, 70's Salsa & Latin Funk. Stirring the melting pot, the multicultural congregation of Los Charly's Orchestra (lead by Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel) takes it on a brand new venture, searching back into the spectrum of Afro-Latin fusion, featuring a new version of the forgotten classic - "Jumping with symphony sid" (originally composed by the by the legendary Joe Battan) plus a Boogalooish/Swinging/Latin track called: "My Barrio". In between some of the guest musicians featuring on this release: Uk Neo Soul singer "Andre Espeut" and Salsa singer: "Elpidio" from Colombia joining the regular team of Los Charly's Orchestra for this Latin-Funk experiment. *"Good stuff! Really Like it!!!" (Cal Jader / Movimientos) *"This is AMAZING!, completely nailed it"  (Chris Greenwood / Bonanza)
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