Love at Breakfast - Single 2012 & Official Videoclip EP
GENRE : House, Funk
2012-07-10   |   ASG_EF030   |   El Futuro Recordings
Release Notes
The Love At Breakfast track is a hype, keeps conquering girls¿ hearts and popularity is still rising internationally. Originally released in March 2010, followed by the Vocal Mix release in October 2010, and having already released special remixes, new artists on the label wanted to remix the Love At Breakfast track and be a part of the hype. The track is announced as Classic track for the popular Buddha Bar in Belgium this summer and was added last year on the Laundry Day Festival Compilation. At the same time the idea came to plan an Official Videoclip and re-release the single. That's why El Futuro Recordings decided to announce a combination release from the track (new remixes) with the Official Videoclip and announced with a special teaser or pre-release. This release is a combination of the "Official Videoclip" on TV and the EP "Single 2012 & Official Videoclip" both released on the same date (release 10th July 2012). The Official Videoclip: is romantic story featuring a famous Flemish actor ERIC KEMPENEERS and Miss Belgium 2011, JUSTINE DE JONCKHEERE. Both loved the track immediately and were more than just interested to feature in the Videoclip. (Regie by The VIP Factory) The Single 2012 EP: contains 10 tracks with 7 new remixes from new artists on the label. We start with the Videoclip Edit, a shorter remake from the Vocal version specially adjusted for the Official Videoclip. As this edit is shorter than the Vocal Mix, makes the edit suitable for radio-use Second track comes from Lithuania with the popular DJ EMMA and the producers duo NOT OKAY, who made an electro club mix and an extra radio edit. From Belgium we have the PONTIUS remix or the moniker from the popular producers-trio, LES MECS ECLECTICS, steaming up Love At Breakfast with their typical clubby-dance remix. Newcomer on the Progressive and House music scene is NERUTTO, also from Lithuania, delivers a lovely Progressive House remix. Next on this EP is the Top-Progressive producer from Hungary, SNORKLE. He stays deep, very deep and being the only producers that uses the second high backing vocal from Mátyás in the break this is an unique mix. London is also on this EP, represented by NICK WOLANSKI, a house DJ giving us a rhytmic deep house remix. And to close this EP we added the popular Vocal Mix, the much in demand Extended Dream Mix and the Original. As pre-release or teaser, for the big Single 2012 & Official Videoclip, we have the special rework from wonderboy Hazem Beltagui (born in Alexandria, Egypt). He delivers his interpretation of the track Love At Breakfast and chose for a stunning dance remix combined with a loungy chill-out break.
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