GENRE : Reggae, Afrobeat
2012-01-16   |   TRCD9014   |   Tramp Records
Release Notes
For the last 10 years or so the iconic blend of African folk, American jazz and funk, and percussive horn, drum and chant oriented music called Afro Beat has experienced a grand revival. On the one hand you have labels re-releasing original Nigerian Afro Beat in all its glory. On the other hand there are dozens of new bands consciously carrying the legacy of Fela Kuti into the new century. There are reasons why the world is taking part in this underground spiritual game again. When it was invented by Fela Kuti and Tony Allen in the seventies, it was conceived as a tool to name and shame political corruption and social injustice. Today, clearly, the world still needs to hear the Afro Beat message! In 2012, with combos playing Afro-influenced music all over the world, the movement is stronger than ever and proves the importance and significance of Afro Beat. JariBu Afrobeat Arkestra is one of those new bands on the scene. Spiritually influenced by the great Fela Kuti, "JariBu" which means "Try" in Swahili, have created their own "Neo Afrobeat" sound, interweaving traditional Afro Beat with funk and jazz sounds. They released their first album "Afro Sound System" in 2009 which was critically acclaimed by many DJs and radio producers. They performed at the FUJI Rock Festival 2009 which is the biggest festival in Japan. After that they started to search for ways to expand and develop their Afro Beat sound and began recording their second album, Mediacracy. Over the past couple of years, JariBu Afrobeat Arkestra have established themselves as one of the most exciting live bands on the Tokyo scene. They currently play three to four gigs a month, including their own monthly event "Natural Vibes" at "Plug" in Shibuya and are the undisputed leaders of the Japanese Afro Beat scene
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