Unanswered Questions
GENRE : Ambient
2008-03-10   |   SFR007   |   Split Femur Recordings
Release Notes
After a string of self released works over the past few years, Daniel Hopkins aka Hurra Caine Landcrash returns with 'Unanswered Questions' released on Split Femur Recordings. The album focuses on using a guitar as an instrument in a totally new way, i.e. dropping shells, pebbles and stones on the strings and body to extract "noisy textures" which are then processed in real time through various filters and effects using a laptop, Dan discovers strange and intriguing ambient noises. What is produced for the listener is a musical voyage reminiscent on the one hand of no wave punk and then sweeping to more ethereal esoteric sound-scapes. His work is disorientating, strange and at the same time oddly familiar.
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