Flat Foot
GENRE : Jazz, Jazz-Funk
2004-06-14   |   MOOSE7003   |   Wah Wah 45s
Release Notes
Wah Wah 45s and Moosejuus present more magical and quite frankly glorious moments reflecting the wealth of talent within the Norwegian jazz scene in the 1970s. As usual with Wah Wahmoose we bring you the original cut plus a complete re-work from our main man in Bergen, Mr. Espen 'Bobby Hughes' Horne. This, the third in the series, is a tune from the Summer of '74 that guitarist Paul Weeden dedicated to anyone unable to move their feet in time to this catchy jazz nugget. The original tune was way to long to fit on seven inches of wax and has been expertly trimmed down by our own Mr. Servini to give full fat aural pleasure. Espen Horne returns, once again in his Horne Singers guise to deliver one of his finest moments since the club anthem 'Magnetica'. His mix strips the track down to its raw elements creating a classic hip hop feel with a funky bass, added brass and the trademark Horne Singers vocals. A dance floor bomb we think?' Takk! Wah Wahmoose...Norwegian tales from the Moosejuus drawer. For more information check www.wahwah45s.com or www.blaajazz.com Look out for more from the Wah Wah 45s family including material from The Uptown Felaz, Hint, Capstone, Aaron Jerome, Espen Horne, Beatfanatic & Alison Crockett!'
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