by   Hidenobu Ito
GENRE : Deep house, Minimal, Tech House
2011-08-24   |   numb014   |   Numbolic Records
Release Notes
NUMB014 - HIDENOBU ITO - ZOMBIEFFECT (12" vinyl & digital) Remixes by DUALISM - DITCH - KAI - AS WE SAID Our japanese dear Friend Hidenobu Ito is definitely overwhelming and it seems almost comically out of place. From alien hydraulics to percussive steel fractals he allows to take shape within the realm of impossibility. So, what follows next on Numbolic Records is a stunning lesson in subtle buildup of sound design. There's a feeling of constant movement and shaky energy that means his music never quite stands still. Highly resonant and rapidly-panning drum hits act like flickering fluorescent lights. The result is a heavily abstracted layering and perhaps our most sonically release to date. Every sound, no matter how tiny, is endlessly tweaked and picked apart. The 12 inch EP is rounded off with 2 prickly re-interpretations. Dualism turns up the fog with a super-deep captivating and yet lovingly version. While Ditch comes up with a characteristic throbbing dirty techno rework. Another 4 smashing Tracks by Hidenobu Ito are added digitally as well as two bonus remixes. Kai provides a dance floor-approved version and the hungarian newcomer As We Said made a cartoon spaceship to the moon. Big pulsating bass kicks will drive you in that particular head-space, but before accidentally killing someone in love, we suggest go get this record instead and start dance! Be Numbolic..! DJ Feedback: Deepchild - Trapez / Resopal Schallware Favourite Track: Bass Core Super-freaky techno bombs! :) I like! Matt Star - International Freakshow / Mainakustik B1 Zombieffect (Dualism The Living Remix) Eeetherz & dualism remix are the ones for me, thx for sending...M Tim Thaler - Berlin FM Favourite Track: B1 Zombieffect (Dualism The Living Remix) Downloading for BLN.FM radio, Berlin. Hugo - Trapez / Goodvibe Records Favourite Track: A2 Eeetherz good stuff Ruede Hagelstein - Upon you Records / Lebensfreude Records / Werkstoff Music zombieeffect is great.. will play the original. thanks Geoff Bell - Numbolic / Lust Recordings Oh My God this EP rock´s my Mind good work great Sound push Button and Play Lineas de Nazca - Numbolic / Adjunct great work all around..actinomycoma its my fav..however the whole ep its great John Templeton - Emote / Googoo Records After a string of excellent remixes, it is very nice to see an EP of orinal material from Hidenobu Ito on Numbolic. This EP is so strong that it is very hard to pick a favorite. The remixes by Dualism, Ditch, and As We Said, are great, but the original tracks stand out so much. Excellent work all around on this outstanding EP! Hector Pizarro - Tretmuehle / Gastspiel / Doppelgaenger dualism the living remix is great! Omar Salgado - Numbolic / 31337 Records / Unlock Recordings Favourite Track: Voiceshadow Amazing as usual. Be Numbolicº Signal Deluxe - Blaq Records/ Trenton Records B1 Zombieffect (Dualism The Living Remix) some proper darkness for Numbolic headquarters, always nice to receive such underground jams, still have to check them out closer to pick some faves in hea!! love from Mexico! Jussi-Pekka Parikka - Frozen North Sauna sessions Favourite Track: A2 Eeetherz interesting! need to download and listen with more time! Beta Boy - Freaks Radio Show / Noize Radio Favourite Track: A1 Zombieffect Great pack guys. Zombieeffect is the best one for me. Coeter One - Frucht - Divided very fruity release!! love the darkness back on numb. full support. coeter one Storlon - Numbolic / Unoiki / Passakaglia / Doma Deep material, like it a lot (: "Bass Core (As We Said Remix) is on my top list. Robert Matthaei - Numbolic VERY NICE ZOMBIEFFECT'S A1 Zombieffect B1(dualism the living remix) + B2 Eeetherz (ditch remix) my fav's on this ep Sven Thomschke - Radio Z 95.8 Nuernberg / 'Rockit!' @ Desi ...Commander Spock would say: "Fascinating stuff!" >> Favorite tracks: - Zombieffect - Zombieffect (Dualism Remix) - Actinomycoma (kai remix) - Bass Core (As We Said Remix) - Yuragi Harry Avers - Protonradio / Noice! Favourite Track: Actinomycoma (Kai Remix) NIce remix by Kai DisplayFM - Numbolic / Shufflemood Great Ep no fav love them all. Katzo - Enliven Music / Lessizmore / Safari Electronique Favourite Track: A1 Zombieffect serious stuff. Benoit - Tsugi nice tx Erwin Kelemen - FREIES RADIO FREUDENSTADT Favourite Track: B2 Eeetherz (Ditch Remix) nice sounds,will try them out Dj Misk - AltroVerso / Radio Onda Rossa Favourite Track: A1 Zombieffect PLAYLIST AND SUPPORT IN ALTROVERSO RADIO Todd Burns - Resident Advisor thanks, downloading. Paco Osuna - Minus / Plus 8 Recordings / Lessizmore Favourite Track: B1 Zombieffect (Dualism The Living Remix) download thank you :) Tim Schäfer - Zitty Verlag thx Derek Taylor - Stemi / Hostage Records / Tillate Magazine Favourite Track: Actinomycoma These are ok. Not sure about the cut up vocals. Cheers Derek
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