Yeh Come Dance
by   Gerry Read
GENRE : House
2012-03-26   |   DSR-H1   |   Delsin Records
Release Notes
Not only is this EP Gerry Read's debut association with Delsin, but so too does it mark the launch of a new house-focussed series from the Dutch imprint. Mysterious and 19 year old Read had quite the year in 2011. On Ramp sub-label Fourth Wave he unleashed a trilogy of EP's which toyed with a rough and ready house and techno template, sampling anything and everything and chucking it all together into sketchy yet essential tracks which made you feel, think AND dance. This new four-tracker "Yeh Come Dance" feels like a natural continuation for the auspicious producer. The title track explores dusty and rusty loops of drums, vocals and wooden hits all of which are held together with a knackered jazzy glue. 'Crawlspace' on the other hand is a foggy gaggle of kicks, drums, hi-hats and cowbells coated in plenty of hiss and crackle. 'Bozza' again demonstrates Read's ability to produce something that sounds two decades old yet wholly contemporary at the same time. Chord prods here, raw hits there, jazzy motifs buried within - it's house music designed for cosy little basements in the dead of night where 'Crooked' is more in yer face. The loops in this one are more exposed and loud in the mix, but still feel unmistakably elliptical and raw... house music never sounded more fresh.
Full length : 22:09 / 4 Tracks / 320Kbps MP3
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