GENRE : Jazz, Pop-Jazz
2010-09-20   |   JAZZPUU9   |   Sahko Recordings
Release Notes
LUSES (The Foundation for Promotion of Finnish Music) has been an intiator and supporter for great number of artistically significant recording productions in Finland. LUSES has been also actively following the evolution of jazz music in Finland noticing the fact that along the years the active independant pursuing and organizing gigs has developed a group of professionals that are capable of working also with bigger bands. Despite of tough Finnish circumstances (financial) we have occasionally opportunites to show our talents. The same kind of observations has been made by ELVIS r.y. (The Union of Composers for Film and Entertainment) and a common decision to make an album presenting Finnish big band composers and musicians was easy, not least because the required conditins were already there: talented music writers and experienced performers. Six songs were chosen of the provided material, which were all performed in a public conserts before. The production was supported in this way by The Finnish Mucisians' Union and The National Radio. The leadership for the big band made of best musicians was given to Kaj Backlund, who has several times shown his capabilities of conducting a big band. Not forgetting his talent of composing; according to his piece this LP got its title with no excuses "No Comments". Matti Konttinen executive producer 1977
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