Orietta EP
GENRE : House
2012-05-04   |   SA022   |   Sound Architecture Records
Release Notes
"Les amis de la musique et la bonne vie.." That's probably the best way to give a short description of dear friends F.E.X. and TITO, residents from "the ville de l'amour" Paris. Globetrotters on a mission to prevent the world from glasses being half empty. "l'amour, la magie, l'immortalité, the drive and devotion"But above all friendship, sharing the same love for life and music. As part of the global family we now finally also welcome them to Sound Architecture records. The "Orietta EP" serves you faces of three ancient tribes, the Mendo, the Sherbro and the Kissi. Our "Orietta" can be seen as a small squatting figure believed to be very old and uncovered in tilled land, in many cases residues of earth and roots can still be found as Orietta dances to protect the crop for great harvest.. They dance with the invisible ones.
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