When the Sea Turns Black Remixes
by   Erell Ranson
GENRE : Techno
2012-05-21   |   NANO121   |   Nice & Nasty
Release Notes
Erell Ranson's When the Sea Turns Black gets remixed by Carlos NIlmmns, DJ Mourad, Nachklangmusik and The Parallel. You have to check this out. If you like techno then you'll enjoy this, I promise but if you don't believe me consider its reviews and support or simply listen and enjoy. Jacob Arnold of Resident Advisor writes (April 2012): Erell Ranson is a French producer with a decidedly Detroit sound. His work is consistently smooth and sophisticated, and this EP is no exception. On "When the Sea Turns Black," synth bubbles glisten over deep bass and retro beats. Three chords repeat, occasionally lurching downward . . . These tracks breathe life into classic techno, making for a moody late night listen. Bleed of De-Bug writes (March 2012): Intricate Detroit tracks - Very funky and playful, very cautious, but still full of magical moments . . . he EP as a constellation of perfect short stories Erell Ranson like Arne Weinberg, Fabrice Lig and Derek Carr for example lead the European charge of Detroit style techno. So much so the word appellation of Detroit and techno transcends geography and is much a rich tradition of European club culture as it is mid-west America. Erell, Fabrice, Arne, Derek et al as much Detroit as Atkins, May and Saunderson as Detroit is more about a sound than a place. When the Sea Turns Black was Erell's debut on Nice & Nasty and has turned heads and shook dance floors all over the world this past few months. Support from Claude Young, Santiago Salazar, Dr Motte, Jamie behan, Dave Mothersole, Lee Hollman, Slam, Fabrice Lig, Aubrey, Paul Hamill (Psycatron) and Larry Cavelle. Erell's credentials are sound. Nice & Nasty' credentials continue to grow and expand. When the Sea turns black gets remxied by 4 of Nice & Nasty's premier league stars: Carlos Nilmmns, DJ Mourad, Nachklangmusik and The Parallel, all of whom need no introduction to people who enjoy techno. Nice & Nasty and it's artists (Erell Ranson, CJ Bolland, Terrence Dixon, Marco Bernardi, Desy Balmer, DJ Mourad) are available for showcases and label nights. For more info contact: Gareth Whitehead at Jaw Music. Phone +44 16988327169 Email info@jawmusic.com Website http://jawmusicagency.com/
Full length : 24:05 / 4 Tracks / 320Kbps MP3
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