Play Me Minus Three - The Remixes
by   Edgar 9000
GENRE : Minimal, Tech House
2011-11-16   |   athl021   |   Athletikk
Release Notes
It has been 2 years since the original track hit the Munich club scene and made the people scream. Reactions came from all over the world and the track made its way to several playlists and DJ-charts. It was originally released through Pastamusik and now gets resurrection through its remixers Kerosene, Yapacc and the artist himself here on Athletikk. Yapacc delivers a solid groovy version and interpretation of the spirit in a gentle costume. Dive in and feel comfortable! costume. Dive in and feel comfortable! Edgar 9000's Tryptichon-Mix consists of incarnation, litany & celebration: a very atmospheric beginning, then a clear announcement and finally the pure bassline - filter wide open, to give full access to these strange harmonies. Kerosene finally sliced the image thoroughly to deconstruct and reorder the bits. Rough but with charming attitude.
Full length : 25:04 / 3 Tracks / 320Kbps MP3
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