Crash And Burn!
by   Eat Static
GENRE : Psychedelic Trance, Leftfield, Industrial Dance, Bossa Nova, Latin, UK Funky, Liquid Funk, Big Beat
2010-11-22   |   MESMOCD3   |   Mesmobeat
Release Notes
CRASH AND BURN! was Eat Static's 8th studio album originally released in 2000 A marked different direction for Static, featuring more live instrumentation and guest collaborations with Will “Propellerheads” White and Steve “Tangerine Dream” Jolliffe, thus culminating in a fresh new sound mixing in more traditional instruments (like guitars and sax!), resulting in the catchiest tunes they had written to date. "..Crosses heavy hip hop breaks with hard-edged electronic rhythms to great effect. Serious dancing music" DJ Magazine "A high energy offering that’ll appeal whether or not you're a Static fan" Future Music Features the single "Mondo A GoGo!"
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