Picnic Nello Spazio - remixes
by   Dyno
GENRE : Electronica, Electro
2012-05-16   |   HYR7104   |   Hell Yeah
Release Notes
DYNO's leftfied album Picnic Nello Spazio is finally available! It's a a dreamy electronic noise soundscape, music for outer space beaches or post balearic if you like. Exclusive art Design by Luca Meloni. HELL YEAH Fuori Dalla Finestra is the ultimate chill-out/ambient tune out of DYNO's awesome trip "Picnic Nello Spazio". This single release contains two exclusive remixes from "Picnic Nello Spazio": Tempelhof's "increase the masterpiece" take on "Bolts Dreaming" and Martin Patino epic gritty version of "Giochi di Basse".
Full length : 86:37 / 12 Tracks / 320Kbps MP3
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