Dub, Down & Dirty
by   Dub Taylor
GENRE : Deep house, Tech House
2012-01-18   |   opsm032   |   Opossum Recordings
Release Notes
Three years after his highly acclaimed 'Humatron' album on Opossum, Alex Krüger aka Tigerskin has returned under his Dub Taylor moniker. The EP opens with the submarine bounce of 'Dubside Down', as burbling synth melodies bubble up from the depths betwen bouyant drums.'Holy Cow' infuses the same synth theme with sustained pads and clanging ethnic percussion. The groove builds to support an ethereal vocal hook and lilting harmonies to capture the imagination.'Afro Dito' hyponotizes with a relentless, chugging rhythm reminiscent of Peace Division. Mumbled words are twisted deftly into dancefloor code amongst building synth squelch and low-end damage. Danger! Down & dirty gooves for your crate.
Full length : 21:29 / 3 Tracks / 320Kbps MP3
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