Brother EP
by   Cuthead
GENRE : House, Hip Hop
2011-12-16   |   UV007   |   Uncanny Valley
Release Notes
The third artist-EP by Dresden-based label Uncanny Valley comes from House- and Hip Hop-Mastermind Cuthead and is nothing less than a proper power package. With Vibratin' things start off as deep as the bottom of the sea. Underneath Cuthead's dense drums there is an intense and meditating synth line which is eventually complimented by an acid figure as if it was an evil twin. Brother rolls in with a mighty kick drum, before a catchy sample and not less catchy piano motives prepare for a propitiating end. With Transgressions and its bass line for the bigger floors things get down to House business once again. The remaining two tracks then give an impression of what happens, if Cuthead takes to the MPC for his liveset. In Seram Lembah und Heartless Cuthead combines his drumming with South East Asian disco-mantras und bittersweet Blues chants to heavy Hip-Hop-grooves.
Full length : 22:51 / 5 Tracks / 320Kbps MP3
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