by   Cloud
GENRE : Leftfield
2012-04-30   |   EXEC146   |   Exceptional Records
Release Notes
From the maker of DJ Magazine's album of the month... "a message board warning to the Booka Shades and Chemical Brothers of this world that complacency is not an option" "Cloud paints the sort of cosmic landscapes most can only dream of - all the while barely breaking sweat" Taken from Cloud's much acclaimed, and much played album Hokarangen Space Program Strings is an exercise in classic simplicity that's full of depth, ably demonstrating that in the hands of such a talented musician less is more. Based almost solely round a plangent string refrain Strings subtly evolves and mutates much like a wisp of smoke rising in the air, never repeating itself but always fascinating. In the Remix department we have Throwing Snow who draws on his own vast array of influences, traces of dubstep, post-rock and folk can all be heard in his work. Having released his Debut 12" on Alex Nut's brand new label Ho_Tep, he has recently been seen on remix duty for the likes of Gold Panda, Greymatter and KidKanevil and is picking up props far and wide. The final track, the deliberately enigmatic Untitled is a brand new piece full of sunshine and beauty. Cloud's deft and delicate touch is again to the fore with music that has the occasional suggestion of an oriental feel, which may or may not be a result of his recent adventures in Korea and the Far East. From elegant electronica to full vocal tracks to minimalism there's very little that's missing from Cloud's palette of sounds. Cool Scandinavian electronic soundscapes with a dash of German minimalism, the occasional vocal and a nodding acquaintance with techno, disco and pop (Swedish division) come together to make an album that stands distinctively and proudly on its own. Ask Cloud about his music and with an enigmatic smile he will tell you there's a lot of music in his space and a lot of space in his music. There's just nothing else like Cloud.
Full length : 11:02 / 2 Tracks / 320Kbps MP3
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