The Way We Remember EP
GENRE : Techno
2011-12-19   |   NANO114   |   Nice & Nasty
Release Notes
Do you dig Moodyman? If so then you'll dig this. Do you respect Basic Channel? If so then you'll enjoy this. The Way we remember is a homage to Detroit, Chicago, NYC and underground clubs of Paris, London, Berlin and Glasgow. Carlos Nilmmns aka Ross McMillan has been playing musical instruments since the tender age of 9, where he cut his teeth as a musician in a couple of junior orchestras. While his peers explored the usual temptations of youth, Ross devoted himself mostly to his music. He knew he wanted music to be his future, even at that time. This classical background gave Ross his musical grounding but left him keen to discover more about recording. And so began a lifelong fascination with recorded sound. Once he had assembled a (very) basic studio in his bedroom, Ross sought to unlock as many secrets as he could about these strange devices he had acquired. And unlock he did. Ross learned how to record and edit his playing, but it was to be the discovery of the Roland 303 and 909 that would change his outlook forever and take his efforts in a whole new direction. The sounds, sequencing and hands-on programming of the modules were a revelation and, under the direction of one Vince Watson (whom met by pure luck in 97/98) he managed to create his first electronic compositions. Pretty soon he was an one man production line for looped-up, energetic, progressive techno. While his style was raw and still to be honed, he had found his calling. Ross eventually hooked up full time with Graham Wilson (Seventh Sign owner) and after developing a studio the two formed Solab, releasing the ¿Shift¿ E.P. in 2005, which was lauded by many of the best DJs around the world. They followed this up with another release on the label as well as projects for other labels including Lifeworld and Sula Muse. They continue to produce and perform together today. Using Solab as a platform Ross is now releasing an abundance of solo material on labels such as 4lux, Lifeworld, Skylax (Paris) and a mini album on the fine Ornaments label in Berlin. It was as Solab, Ross became intertwined with Desy Balmer at Nice & Nasty. Starting off remixing The Parallel and without a blink of an eye DJing at a Nice & Nasty party in Dublin and remixing for Nice & Nasty and Dublin Xpress as Carlos and Solab. His style is very musical but very direct. His influences are apparent but he likes to give his tracks his own stamp. Unafraid to experiment, he moves in directions that suit his mood, circumstances and environment. Ross lives for music and this transmits from his tracks. Always looking forward, Ross¿ eyes and ears are on more music and more gigs in 2011 and beyond. The Way we remember is a fascinating EP of deep atmospheric soundscapes, emotion and deep, pounding, hypnotic rhythm. Imagine the Detroit minimalism of Robert Hood and Terrence Dixon juxtaposed with the raw energy of modern day Berlin and the sheer toughness of Glasgow culture. This is the soundtrack to modern Europe. It is the manifestation of an underground sound that fights the pressure of post-industrial life and the throw away pop materialism that surrounds us all. This is a deep, emotive sound that gives us a proper alternative. ENJOY! Supported by: Florian Muller, Elpierro, Phasen, youANDme, Tomi Chair, Rob Belleville, Santiago Salazar, James Johnston, Jamie Behan, Aubrey, Erell Ranson, DJ Mourad, Mark O'Sullivan (DK7), Slam, and many more.
Full length : 23:18 / 4 Tracks / 320Kbps MP3
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