In Consequence Of A Wish
by   Bubble Club
GENRE : House
2012-04-09   |   IFEEL019   |   International Feel
Release Notes
London summer 2011.......the fires rage, the mobs pillage, the politicians dawdle and tucked away in a small oasis of calming bliss somewhere in Hackney, Dan Keeling beavers away on new Bubble Club material. It'€™s hard to believe, but it'€™s 12 months since Bubble Club last graced our shores with the beautiful '€˜The Goddess'€™. Bastion of many a '€˜Best of 2011 / Year End list'€™ and perhaps best summed up by Jose Padilla.....'€˜Thanks for this great gift, it'€™s an amazing piece that brings me back to the real Balearic early days in Ibiza - it will always be in my record box'€™. '€˜In Consequence of a Wish'€™ picks up where '€˜The Goddess'€™ left off, with Dan'€™s uncanny ability to mesh together intricate production, euphoric melody and block rocking beats (and this time with the new, but very welcome addition of some stadium infused Slide Guitar). Alternate ambient version '€˜Ex-Voto'€™ turns the atmosphere up to eleven, as it plays out the (of course) natural scenario of what happens when Vangelis visits Paris, Texas and the mysterious / symbolistic 'Seven Hills' completes the package with it'€™s Juan Atkins / electro spy theme feel. On the back of 'Violet Morning Moon' and 'The Goddess' it's fair to say that this is another timeless release. ----------- Can't wait to play Seven Hills tonite in Tokyo. Modern, stripped back, deep 4 life vibes. and the other 2 are desert dust clouds. love! - Soulclap This is of course Glorious - 20 Jazz Funk Greats Every Track Super Nice - Soft Rocks I'm loving this release!! - Duncan, Mock n Toof Chris Coco's Tune of the week Lovely stuff here. "Seven Hills" is my favourite - Philip Sherbourne So beautiful! - Roy Dank, Wurst Music Seven Hills is my fav. Ex -Voto is pretty cool too..super balearic - Severino, Horse Meat Disco Really lovely release! Both In Consequence and Ex-Voto are pure bliss! - Jimpster Really feeling this one - James Priestly Future Balearic Pleasure - Pathaan Fantastic - Pete Gooding Wow, Truly Amazing - Humberto, Social Disco Club Very Nice and Balearic, perfect for warming up the cold winter - Simon Lee, Faze Action Pure Quality as always - DJ Rocca Brilliant Release - Coyote
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