Rimini '80 / It's So Exciting
GENRE : House
2012-05-07   |   IFEEL020   |   International Feel
Release Notes
Davide Armour & Philippe Mascerano are cousins, separated by the hemispheres, but joined together by their love of vintage synthesizer'€™s, tacky Italian nightclubs and San Remo tinged pop. Based in central Italy (Davide) and Patagonia (Philippe), their musical bond was formed as young teenagers, when Philippe'€™s father got a Yamaha CS-80 as part of a publishing advance (he went on to became a minor Italian pop songwriter and taught the boys everything they know about formaggio, the special ingredient that is so vital to Italian pop !). Enthralled by the summer nightclub culture on the Rimini coast and Corona'€™s '€˜Rhythm of the Night'€™, they started playing together in teenage bands and spending every spare moment on the CS-80 in Mascerano senior'€™s studio (hey, this is starting to sound like the story of a Fourth Division Daft Punk). Finally hitting the big time with one major hit, Phillipe'€™s father decided it was time to get out of Europe and head to the solitude of the Patagonian plains to make new age music and so the boy'€™s dreams got put on hold, until faster computers, modern software and the internet allowed them to start collaborating together again across the Atlantic. The result is two seductively hypnotizing tracks that reference all the best (?) bits of Italian Pop and Balearic Culture, starting with the chunkily robust slow-mo synth brass of '€˜Rimini '€™80'€™ and followed by the cheeky (or is that tongue in cheek) pan flute boogie porn of '€˜It'€™s So Exciting'€™. Oh and Phillipe'€™s father when on to collaborate with Andreas Vollenweider and you can'€™t get much more Balearic than that ! ---------------- Wonderful - 20 Jazz Funk Greats Sounding Nice - Todd Terje So driving and so deep. What a combo and the bside is for the carnival! - Soulclap Featured on Pitchfork: http://pitchfork.com/reviews/tracks/13270-rimini-80/ Loving Rimini 80, right up our street - Feel my Bicep This is a killer record - Jonnie Wilkes, Optimo Excellent! Never heard pan pipes sound so sexy! Bravo I love the jingo love love re-work - Jim Stanton, Horsemeat Disco I really love the Rimini '80 track - going to be hammering these - Balearic Mike In a world of increasingly tedious disco re-edits and boring, meandering Italo, this is the real deal, two tracks of exciting, raw dance music - Chris Coco Will be Playing for sure - Soft Rocks Oh la la.... Sounds Great - Severino, Horsemeat Disco Love the Release - Pathaan Another absolute cracker - Jam Hammered Both Sound Great - Felix Dickinson Love both of these. Exactly the sort of stuff I like pulling out at about 6am - Damon Martin, Discobloodbath Love it - slow Italo Cosmic at its best - DJ Rocca
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