Who's Afraid Of Monty Luke
by   AM/TM
GENRE : Detroit Techno
2012-02-27   |   ALG046   |   Aniligital Music
Release Notes
AM/TM are San Francisco pro bros Anthony Mansfield and Tal M Klein. Who's Afraid Of Monty Luke is a VERY SERIOUS song Anthony and Tal wrote about their friend Monty Luke who left San Francisco and moved to Detroit so he could live closer to his techno friends and run A&R at planet-E communications for someone named Carl Craig who AM/TM think may be related to Carl Cox because they have the same first name. It's a song about house music, or possibly this old house, and it might be a tribute to Bob Villa whose last name actually means house in Latin. When Monty Luke heard this song he got really scared and locked himself in a dark room which as his eyes adjusted he realized was a recording studio. As we all know, the best way to confront one's fears are to confront them, and so Monty Luke made a remix on the B-side and submitted it to AM/TM with assurances that he isn't actually afraid of himself.
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