Where Are My Shoes? EP
GENRE : Minimal
2012-06-06   |   LEET004   |   31337 Records
Release Notes
supported by: Luciano, Raresh, Someone Else, Magda, Easy Changes, Troy Pierce, Ben Parris, Oliver Ho / Raudive, Seph, Benjamin Fehr, Anthony Collins, Slam, Yaya, Alexi Delano, Cesare vs. Disorder, Masomenos, Rudolf, Electric Indigo, Agoria, Andrew Grant, Patrick Bateman, Miro Pajic, Kane Roth, Terry Francis, Sebastian Roya New black gold is on the way! 31337 Records first vinyl for this year, the ‚Where Are My Shoes?‘ EP by Japan‘s minimal techno queen Akiko Kiyama, including a fantastic remix by Mr. Bruno Pronsato. An outstanding release full of abstract minimal techno goodies ready to hit the clubs. Punchy bass lines on top of rhythmic percussions, exposing a twisted dark tale on the hunt for lost shoes. Akiko Kiyama has been a prominent figure in the minimal techno scene since she first started producing in 2004. She is the first female minimal techno producer to have come out of Japan. Her previous works received outstanding support from the industry and names such as Richie Hawtin, Sven Väth and Ricardo Villalobos. Inspired by such an overwhelming debut Akiko went straight back into the studio. Her sound consists of complex sound patterns that are often raw, industrial, dark and moody. The EP starts off with ‚Anaesthesulf‘, a well arranged DJ tool, repetitive but complex. Well structured patterns surrounded by lots of hats, percussions and playful melodies. Followed by the second track called ‚We Are Tubes Inner Tubes‘, a real dancefloor killer for the early morning hours. Trippy percussions, seemingly foreign vocals by Lisokot and twisted sample cuts topped with well selected effects give this tune the perfect shape. The B side continues with ‚Gavotte II‘, a dark and pounding track with lots of variation and freaky sounds emerging seamlessly from the background. Mysterious melodies, a bouncy snare and occasional vocal cuts perfectly aligned in front of a pumping bassline. The last track is a remix of ‚Gavotte II‘ by Bruno Pronsato who introduces a l
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