Deep Circus
Deep Circus
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Deep Circus Records, located in Berlin, was founded in October 2010 by Benny Grauer. With the first releases such as „Nine days wonder“ and „Hannibal“, the beginning of the label was very successful and immediately its music hit the DJ-charts as well as the record stores. Top quality label work was a high priority from the very start. The only logical consequence besides collaboration with professional partners such as the mastering studio „Time Tools“ and „Schnittstelle“, graphic artist Max Pfisterer and well-known producers like Alex Flatner, Pär Grindvik, SweetnCandy and Sasse was to release the Deep Circus work on vinyl as well. Regarding its musical style, the Label is bridging the gap inbetween deep and groovy House, Tech House and Techno music designed for the dancefloors and produced by well known artists and new talents.
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